Certified Medical Assistant Salary

Salary of a certified medical assistant may be lesser compared to somebody who has more broad training in health care, for example, a nurse or a doctor, but it is still a very admired and wealthy career choice for both male and female. No one can deny that people who choose a profession in medicine typically draw in a healthy salary per year. This is true regardless if you are a doctor, a lab person or a medical assistant. Even if earnings do differ depending on the level of training and range of responsibilities given, it is always said that working in a medical environment is quite profitable and rewarding!

At the starting point of your job, certified medical assistant salary is normally in the 25,000USD to 30,000USD range. This is the amount that someone “who has completed their Medical Assistant Education and received their certification can look forward to earn” once they take a full-time position at a medical institution. The place where the person works will also verify how high his salary is going to be. A doctor's private office, such as a professional surgeon's office will pay elevated salary than a nursing home or public hospital would. One of the big advantages of working in a private office is the dedicated experience that can be gained.

Working as a medical assistant in a reputed health institute is a career path that many trained assistants chooses to follow. It is common for these types of positions to be concentrated within colleges and universities around us. A certified medical assistant salary is on standard $27,000 for a person who is able to secure a position of responsibility.

Salaries evidently boost as the person gains experience and skills with time and hard work. Also keep in mind that as the demand for skilled and trained medical assistants increases, the salary range will move upwards as well. As we can see that only two years of schooling is required to get a degree, this is an amazing career path for someone wanting a position that promises a worthwhile salary without the additional trouble of spending years in lessons and classes.

We have seen different examples that salary of Medical Assistants differ with locations. For e.g. Comprehensive details of salary of a Medical Assistant by State shows that New York currently has the highest average salary. Number of medical assistant jobs in New York City are also high, according to the Medical Assistant Salary by City chart, the peak average salary medical assistants will find is in the Big Apple. With the recent economic depression, many medical assistants and other health care workers are wondering what steps to take for best possible career expansion. My advice is to amplify your medical assistant education, by completing a medical assistant qualifications program or other Medical trainings to enlarge the scope of your profession and gain a respected medical assistant salary!