Medical Assistant : What is that?

Description of a Medical Assistant:

The medical assistant is a magnificent addition to a medical office and adds real worth to any doctor's practice. Medical assisting, as a profession, has been around since the 1960s. It is one among the many linked health professions in which a person can develop and be a pompous contributor to their community.

Work of a Medical Assistant:
Medical assisting is a first-rate occupation for people of all ages, and from all walks in life. Scores of people have chosen medical assisting as their lifelong career path and are very successful at it, regardless of gender, and age. While all responsibilities of running the practice as a business rests squarely on the doctor, and office management, the medical office's work flow and reputation depends largely on the skills and competence of their medical assisting staff.

Duties of a Medical Assistant:

Medical assistants commonly work in medical offices and health care practices as part of a varied, well-organized health care team. They are also eagerly hired by local and regional medical centers, walk-in clinics, and ambulatory wellness clinics. They are expected to interact with the public, and various health care professionals, and staff.

Medical assistants are expected to:

• Comply with HIPAA, CLIA, OSHA, AND JCAHO laws and regulations.
• React calmly and effectively in emergency situations.
• Add the friendly smile and caring touch to a doctor visit.

Medical assistants complete patient's medical records, take their vital signs, educate them on methods to improve their health and show them how to take their medications. If ordered by the doctor, they will also draw blood, and perform ancillary in-house tests in accordance with their training, skill level, and state regulations.

What are Medical Assistant Not?

Medical assistants should not be confused with non-physician licensed healthcare practitioners! Although they have the comparable abbreviated credentials they are different occupations with different educational requirements and functions.
Moreover, medical assistants are NOT CNAs, and will not work in nursing homes, or in the home health care industry, because there isn't always a doctor present, which is required by law.