What Is The Job Of Medical Assistant?

The medical field is very wide with different areas to cover when it comes to picking a solid career. If you've always wanted to work in this field without going through the years to be a doctor, and if you simply do not have the interest to be a nurse, then why not try your hand at becoming a medical assistant :)

What exactly is the job of medical assistant ? Well, first of all you need to know that filling this position would mean that you become the wingman to your employer who would be a doctor or surgeon. Your job would revolve around task carried out at the front desk and in the back room as well. At the front desk, you are a little like a secretary but of a higher standard as you won't only be in charge of calls, mails, faxes and making appointments but you would be required to keep in touch with various insurance companies associated with the patients. You would also need to keep track of supplies and put in orders as and when it's called for.

The back room is where all the action takes place, this is where your knowledge comes in handy. Here, you would play the role as the co-doctor by taking down the patients information and basic routine test such as weight and height measurements, blood pressure, filling up medical history forms as well as questioning and listening to the patients. Aside from that, you would also need to assist the doctor in simple medical procedures such as drawing blood, cleaning wounds and removing stitches.

With the right training and enough experience, as a medical assistant, you could be yielding a good salary of about $20,ooo per year. Hence, it is also important for you to be certified or you won't be able to land a good job despite the high demand for the job.

The above article confirms that the job of a medical assistant is worthwhile if you are really interested in it!

Thanks for reading!