Professional Appearance Of a Medical Assistant

Appearance is a critical part of the professional role. Generally, the more conservative a person’s appearance on the job, the better.Working on the job as a medical assistant is not the time to express individuality in a flamboyant or radical manner.

Daily Hygiene

Daily hygiene for the medical assistant should include a shower, use of a deodorant, and good oral hygiene. She should pay special attention to her hands, because keeping her skin clean and intact will protect the medical assistant and her patients from microorganisms. She should avoid fragrances, because not everyone appreciates them. More importantly, many patients and even other health care workers suffer from allergies and respiratory disorders, and some fragrances could exacerbate their symptoms.


The medical assistant should be conservative with the application of makeup, keeping it to a minimum. She must keep her fingernails clean, smooth, and no longer than the tip of her finger. She should avoid long nails and artificial nails, because they tend to harbor microorganisms which can then be passed from person to person.


Jewelry should be conservative and minimal. Acceptable jewelry might include an engagement ring and/or wedding band, a wristwatch, and a single pair of small earrings. Jewelry related to body piercing is not appropriate in the health care setting.


A medical assistant should think carefully before making the decision to get a tattoo, because tattoos are deemed unprofessional by many people. Any tattoos the medical assistant already has should be covered if possible.


Men and women alike should keep their hair clean, neatly styled, out of the face, and pulled back when assisting with sterile procedures so that the sterile field and patient are not compromised. While many people enjoy expressing themselves through their hairstyles, medical assistants should resist the urge to wear wild hairstyles to work. A conservative appearance is always perceived as more