Barriers to Professionalism As Medical Assistant

In addition to qualities of professionalism that a medical assistant should look to acquire, there are some barriers to professionalism that she should try to avoid, including:

1) indulging in unhealthy or impolite habits
2) being reactive
3)  bringing personal problems to work
4) engaging in rumors and gossip.

Bad Habits

The medical assistant should carefully consider eliminating behaviors that are unhealthful as well as those deemed ill mannered or unprofessional. At the very least, she should refrain from such habits while performing her job. Examples of such behaviors include tobacco use, gum chewing, and
vulgar language.

Reactive Versus Proactive

The hallmark of a true professional is the ability to maintain a professional demeanor under trying circumstances. Because the fast-paced environment of the medical office can be stressful, a medical assistant may, at times, find her energy and enthusiasm diminishing.When her energy lags and her patience runs low, her temper may easily flair. As a result, the medical assistant may be reactive, or respond without considering the situation at hand, resulting in words and actions that she regrets later. To avoid such situations, the medical assistant should strive to develop good organizational strategies to minimize the risk of such events and effective coping skills to better deal with them if they occur. She will expend less energy striving to behave professionally in a stressful situation than she would trying to apologize or make amends to upset patients or coworkers if she loses her

Personal Problems at Work

If a medical assistant is not careful, problems and stresses from her personal life may threaten to intrude into the workplace and impact her attitude, energy level, and ability to focus. In these times especially, it is important for her to remember that each patient deserves the same measure of
caring, attention, and respect, regardless of the medical assistant's personal issues. Therefore, she must learn how to place such personal problems aside when she goes to work each day, so she can give her full attention to the job at hand. Learning to focus on her immediate situation will assist the medical assistant in making this transition each day. Furthermore, if she discusses personal problems repeatedly in the workplace, she may eventually alienate her coworkers and have a negative impact on patients.

Rumors and Gossip

Because rumors and gossip have a negative impact on employee morale, the medical assistant should avoid engaging in such conversations at all costs. She must remember that the “grapevine” generally distorts the truth more and more with each retelling of a story. It is also worth noting that nobody is immune to the pain and damage that gossip inflicts. Professional medical assistants must understand that the best way to earn the goodwill and respect of coworkers is to treat them with respect and goodwill and to assume the best of others, rather than the worst.