Good Working Habits For managing the day-to-day finances

In managing the day-to-day finances of the ambulatory care setting always observe two guidelines:    
1. Always work with care and accuracy; it is extremely easy to transpose numbers (i.e., writing 23 instead of 32) or make other posting errors. A moment of carelessness can result in hours spent trying to find the mistake.    
2. The work must be kept current or it may become an overwhelming chore.    
Also, develop these habits:    
· Form your numerals and letters carefully with good penmanship.    
· Use a consistent ink color.    
· Align your columns.    

· Be careful when carrying decimal points.    
· Double-check your math.    
· If a mistake is found, neatly cross out the incorrect figure and write the correct figure above it.    
The Pegboard System    
A complete pegboard or write-it-once system consists of day sheets, ledger cards, charge slips, and receipt forms. The forms are designed to work together to simplify the task and to avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes in patient accounts. All forms will have matching columns that align and are held in place on the pegboard when the system is in use (Figure 17-1). The forms are generally carboned or on NCR© paper (no carbon required) which permits entering of charges, credits or adjustments, or posting, onto the day sheet, charge slip, or receipt and the patient's ledger card simultaneously. Some major advantages of the pegboard system include:    
* The system is efficient and time saving by only having to enter information once, it is impossible to enter incorrect information on one of the forms due to copying errors or errors of omission. (This can also be a major disadvantage when an error made and entered appears on all forms.)
* The day sheet provides complete and up-to-date information about accounts receivable status at a glance.    
* A pegboard system is relatively inexpensive.    

Several companies produce pegboard systems, all with slight variations. Though the information and method of use are the same, it is not usually possible to "mix and match" forms from different companies since even a slight difference in column width or location will make the forms incompatible.