Jobs in California

Progress has been made in the advancement of the profession of medical assisting since the first group of medical assistants gathered to become organized and formed the American Association of Medical Assistants. That is why medical assistant jobs around California has increased to double the amount it was last year! For example, the number of certified medical assistants has exceeded 50,000 since certification began in 1963, and the year 1995 recorded the largest number of candidates who sat for the certification examination. The total number of medical assistants in the work force is 1.2 million and employment opportunities continue to grow. Educational requirements have been increasingly important: as of February 1, 1998, only graduates of medical assisting programs accredited by CAAHEP will be eligible to take the certification examination. These examinations are frequently held in California to provide assistants with good jobs in the city. The AAMA continues to promote standards of excellence for its members, encouraging continuing education and awarding continuing education credits to members of AAMA via various means.

All of these factors are evidence of a strong professional perspective and should offer encouragement and support to any student or graduate of medical assisting.
Becoming a professional is a gradual process and cannot be learned in its entirety from a textbook. The challenge of becoming a professional medical assistant will require open-mindedness and a desire for continued learning and education, jobs, certification, and re-certification of the CMA credential, and professional involvement through organizational participation.

As the scope of work done by medical assistants broadens and medical assistants seek and require formal education, the professional medical assistant from California will gain additional respect and be in even greater demand while the jobs hunt. Medical assistants must continuously pursue excellence, which is the hallmark of all professional behavior.