Side View Of Medical Assistant Education

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The need for medical assistants in health care is one of the fastest growing careers in the world. The demand for medical assistants is expected to increase by 35 percent between now and 2016, which is faster than normal when compared with other careers (Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Handbook, 2008-2009).

Along with being one of the top ten most demanded careers in the health care industry, medical assistants are also one of the top ten careers expected to benefit the most from the president’s economic stimulus plan (MSN Careers, "15 Jobs the Stimulus Plan May Boost", April 15, 2009).
Medical assistants perform administrative and clinical tasks to keep the offices of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, and other health practitioners running smoothly. Although they are sometimes confused with physician assistants they do not examine, diagnose, or treat patients. Their duties are primarily administrative in nature.

Duties of medical assistants include updating and filing patients’ medical records, filling out insurance forms, and arranging for hospital admissions and laboratory services. They also perform tasks less specific to medical settings such as answering telephones, greeting patients, handling correspondence, scheduling appointments, and handling billing and bookkeeping.

So if you are interested in taking medical assistant as a career in future then you must be serious about it! :)