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The following article will help you in finding your job as medical assistant in a reputed medical center! When looking for a job as a Medical Assistant, it is great to know all of the requirements of the position. A medic Assistant works in a doctor's office, clinic or hospital situation where they perform a variety of administrative duties as well as some clinical duties under the direct supervision of a physician. The administrative duties often include doing such tasks as setting appointments, billing, coding procedures for insurance and keeping patient records up to date. The clinical duties often include taking vital signs, drawing blood, getting the patients ready for the physician's examination, taking medical histories and administering some medications when directed by the physician.
The job of medical assistant requires that the person in the position be very attentive to detail and able to follow through on assigned tasks, with or without direct supervion. The assistant must be very dependable since many people depend on the medical assistant to be present so that the clinic, office or hospital runs smoothly and patients are seen in a timely manner. Self-control, ability to work under stress and a concern for others are vital to the position.
Personal integrity is a must for the medic assistant because they are often working with sensitive information that is confidential by nature. The assistant must have such abilities as being able to communicate well in both written and oral forms. The necessity of being able to write clearly and to understand what is written is invaluable since the medical assistant is often entering, recording, transcribing, storing and maintaining sensitive and vital information in both a written and electronic form.
The medical assistant has to be adaptable, independent and able to take initiative. The assistant has to be able to adapt and be flexible to changes that may occur in the workplace. It will be necessary to be able to develop a personal and unique style of working, often with little or no supervision, and depending only on yourself to get the job completed. A willingness to take on new challenges and responsibilities is a must.
The job of a medi assistant requires that the person has many important work values. They have to be able to form and maintain strong personal relationships so that they will be able to work with others in a friendly environment that is non-competative. The ideal person for this job must be able to be courteous to both clients and other staff, empathetic to the needs of others, compassionate, helpful and energetic.
Since the requirements of the position as medic assistant are many and diverse, they require special education. You must have a high school diploma or GED to get accepted at any of the schools that offer training as a medical assistant. Some states require that you pass a state certification exam following training. Laws differ from state to state as to whether the CMA (certified medical assistant) can draw blood or do the lab tests. In any case, the medi assistant is not the same as a physician's assistant who can diagnose and treat patients.
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